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504PetSitter - Eastbank Orleans Long-Term Overnight Pet Sitting

About Michelle

Michelle, Owner of 504PetSitter with Junior the Chocolate Lab

How My Pet Sitting Career Was Inspired

I started walking and sitting for dogs in New Orleans in 2007 for my military friends while they were out of town or working late. I realized I loved it so much that I started my own business in 2010. Pet sitting has allowed me to travel, get exercise, and have the freedom self-employment provides. Pet sitting doesn't feel like work, because it feeds my body and soul.

Areas & Services

Uptown, Garden District, CBD, & Downtown New Orleans 


What sets me apart from other pet care professionals?

  • My rates are not complicated
  • I don't up-charge for special care.  Keeping to a budget can be important sometimes. If your pets' needs can be taken care of in the half-hour, that's all you pay for. If extra time is needed, we will discuss it beforehand.
  • I specialize in overnight stays. Many sitters do visits-only or charge up to $100 per overnight stay.
  • I'm a veteran
  • I don't smoke (no smoke odors or fire hazards will be introduced into your home)                                       


I Care for the Community

  • I bring my own biodegradable bags to dispose of all poop to keep your neighbors happy & save our earth
  • I recycle and compost items you leave for me during my visit
  • I shop local & network whenever possible.  I encourage my clients and associates to do the same. If you have a product or service that is produced locally, please tell me about it.   Affiliate programs are welcome.
  • I volunteer for pet related charities when I can, so please feel free to send me volunteer opportunities, volunteer with me, or donate pet supplies or newspaper.
  • 50% of all my tips go to the Humane Society of Louisiana or Used Dogs, a local 501c3 rescue.



  • You get text updates about how the walk went, sometimes with photos if your pet is really entertaining, no need to text back if you are busy.  If there is an emergency, I will call you.
  • I network with other pet sitters.  We prefer to meet at pet-related fundraisers. If your charity has one or your business is sponsoring one, please invite us!
  • Hablo un poquito de espanol. Si tienes un companero quien habla espanol solo, podemos entender al otro, pero hablame despacio por favor!

Mission, Vision, & Culture


My purpose is to help my human and canine clients put life in their years by making new friends, going places, and doing more things while doing the same for myself and stimulating the local economy.

Each client is an individual with unique lifestyles and needs.  As small company, I will make decisions and exceptions based on circumstances while respecting the privacy of my clients and maintaining a simple pricing structure.

My goal is for my services to be so valued by my clients that I get so many word-of-mouth referrals that I don’t even need to advertise.


I envision this business being a way to enrich my life as well as the lives of my clients by giving them the flexibility to be away from home with peace of mind knowing that their pets and home are taken care of while I make my living travelling, exercising, and being entertained by pet antics.


My business is to make the lives of people and their pets easier and more fulfilling.  I want each client to think of me as a friend and everyone who comes in contact with me to feel comfortable and safe around me and to know they are accepted "as is".  Don't worry if your house is cluttered, I won't judge.  Many pet owners are unique and quirky and these are the types of people who inspire me!